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The Man Who Quit Money

In the year 2000, Daniel Suelo took out his last thirty dollars and left it in a phone booth, taking the final step in his quest to try to live without any money. Author Mark Sundeen, reports on Suelo’s adventures over the next decade, which included living in a cave in Moab, Utah in his book The Man Who Quit Money.

Some are inspired by his spiritual and philosophical journey. Others call him a freeloader. Read this fascinating book and decide for yourself. Maybe I will see you in Moab.

If you are interested, you can check out Suelo’s blog.

The Man Who Quit Money
Steve S


Indeed a very interesting topic. I will check and read the book to find out whether the man will be able to live without money or not. Thanks for sharing the brief about the book.
this is great. I could spend hours on this guy's website. He has really thought this out, an intelligent guy.
I know a man who lives in Kalamazoo with similar principles. He lives a freegan lifestyle and takes the scripture seriously that says worry not what you will eat or drink, for look at the Birds...their father feeds them.

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