NOTE: The Lovell Street entrance to the Central Library parking lot will be closed periodically due to construction. The Rose Street (west) entrance will remain open.

Smoke Free / Tobacco Free Work Environment Policy

Kalamazoo Public Library is dedicated to providing a healthy and safe environment for patrons and staff. As required by law, smoking is prohibited in all library facilities, including public and non-public spaces and library vehicles. This ban includes tobacco and tobacco products including chewing, rolling of tobacco, any burnable product, electronic cigarettes, and vaporizers and pertains to staff, patrons, contractors, and vendors.

Library employees who smoke may not congregate outside any library main entrance where visible to the public or in any way hinder entrance or exit to a library facility

This policy extends to all areas within 30 feet of any library building entrances and exits.


Policy adopted January 26, 2015
Policy effective February 1, 2015