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Recent Bestsellers

These recent New York Times bestsellers are available in digital audio versions, available for loan to in-district borrowers on library-owned iPods - check one out today!

The Lost Symbol  by Dan BrownThe Lost Symbol  
Brown, Dan
Symbologist and Harvard professor Robert Langdon returns to uncover the centuries-old secrets of the Freemasons.
Superfreakonomics  by Steven LevittSuperfreakonomics  
Levitt, Steven
The "Freakonomics" authors mix smart thinking and great storytelling to show how people respond to incentives.
The Scarpetta Factor  by Patricia CornwellThe Scarpetta Factor  
Cornwell, Patricia
Now a senior forensic analyst for CNN, Dr. Kay Scarpetta becomes embroiled in a surreal plot that involves the disappearance of a beautiful millionairess.
What the Dog Saw by Malcolm GladwellWhat the Dog Saw  
Gladwell, Malcolm
For the first time, the best of Gladwell's writing from "The New Yorker" in the past decade is collected.