Code of Service

All library patrons are entitled to prompt, attentive, and courteous service by knowledgeable staff.

  • All patrons are welcome and will be served equitably.
  • Staff will make eye contact, greet others and speak in a friendly manner whether at a service desk or within library spaces.
  • Staff will actively listen to patrons, exhibiting empathy and restating the problem or question.
  • Staff will verify with patron that their needs have been met.
  • Staff will be consistently trained and informed of library-wide procedures and processes that impact service.
  • Staff will uphold library policies in a professional manner.

All library patrons are entitled to a staff able to meet their needs. 

  • Staff will strive to provide positive solutions to patrons’ service requests.
  • Staff will be able to answer general questions relating to other service departments.
  • Patron interactions will be properly documented and consistently communicated.
  • Staff members attend to patrons’ questions or concerns and, if applicable, refer them to the next appropriate level.

All library patrons are entitled to easily accessible collections, programs, and services.

  • Staff will demonstrate a general understanding of library organization, library events, and collection locations.
  • The library will utilize accurate and effective communication tools.
  • Staff members know who to contact for special service needs.
  • Collections will be organized and well maintained.

All library patrons are entitled to clean, comfortable, safe and well-maintained environment.

  • Staff members know how to implement emergency procedures.
  • Staff will take ownership of simple building and grounds care issues.
  • Staff members understand and apply library Rules of Conduct.
  • All of these services will be provided in accordance with the KPL Anti-Harassment Policy.