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Ryan Gage

  • Audiovisual Librarian
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Ryan  Gage


I began my career at the library in 2003 having worked at the Denver Public Library the previous six years. I am originally from Kalamazoo but have also resided in Denver and St. Louis. I have worn many hats here at the library in addition to working in the law library, including serving as the business librarian, managing the Spanish language pages on our website, collecting books in the subject areas of art, philosophy and sociology, and working on the reference desk. I am currently responsible for selecting movies and music in addition to supporting e-book services. 

When not situated around my professional life at the library, I enjoy reading a good novel, spending time with my dog Cuba, reading Harper’s Magazinetraveling, and learning as much as I can about the world, its varied cultures and fascinating histories. My educational studies include secondary education, history, sociology, critical theory, and library science. I have been a member of the Progressive Librarians’ Guild and published an article in their journal, The Progressive Librarian in 2003. I recently co-presented at the Michigan Library Association's annual conference in 2007.

Professional Philosophy

My work as a librarian continues to be informed by the notion that it is imperative to make librarianship self-reflective of its practices, responsive to the needs of all users and critical of anti-democratic tendencies both within the profession and external to it that undermine the ability of libraries to make possible those social and cultural conditions that enhance democratic life, encourage civic participation and contribute to a well informed public commons. By viewing libraries as political and cultural sites as well as pedagogical institutions, I have tried in my work and professional practice to provide librarians with the categories and forms of analyses that will help them to become more critical in their thinking and more visionary in their purposes. Libraries are vital sites for constituting human subjectivities, personal agency and civic participation; therefore I have and will continue to work toward transforming libraries into meaningful models for the transfer of information, places of democratic openness and public-centered institutions that expand and make primacy the value of pleasure, knowledge, literacy and access.

Professional Interests

My professional interests include social responsibility and justice issues within the profession and beyond, Spanish language services, intellectual freedom, censorship, and general reference service to the public.

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