Social Media ROI


Nonprofits spend a huge amount of time creating and curating content to share on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. But most groups aren't properly measuring whether these efforts are worth the time and cost. And it seems a daunting task to put together an effective strategy for collecting and analyzing data about your social media efforts. This webinar will discuss how to measure return on your social media investments. 

In this session
• Learn how to go beyond counting friends and followers
• Explore how to identify what data is available
• Learn how to make smart decisions on your social media strategy

Target audience includes persons responsible for the organization’s marketing strategy or involved in the organization’s communications.

Presented by Beth Kanter, co-author of Measuring the Networked Nonprofit and Kivi Leroux Miller, founder of Nonprofit Marketing

Registration is required due to limited space. Call 269-553-7910 for more information.

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