How to Write Faster


Everyone works under a deadline. How do you deliver consistently good copy and cope with the urgency?

This webinar explores the challenges all writers face – e.g., lack of clear direction, too many options, fatigue & stress – and provides practical helps for overcoming them. Kivi helps us come to grips with our own skills and distractions, and then offers steps we can take before we write, when we write, and after we write that will ensure consistently good output.

In this session

  •   Explore your unique situation and inventory its particular challenges
  •   Discover how you respond to people and events around you
  •    Learn how to navigate your environment to produce your best work quickly 


Target audience includes those who write copy for marketing and fundraising efforts

Presented by Kivi Leroux Miller, founder of Nonprofit Marketing

Registration is required due to limited space. Call 269-553-7910 for more information.


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