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It’s about the reader!

Your newsletter is key to informing donors, volunteers, and the community at large about what your organizations is doing. Because of this it’s important to format and write your newsletter in a way your readers will enjoy. Before the workshop, attendees will be encouraged to watch two short videos (content - layout) so we may, as a group, discuss various example newsletters. Attendees are encouraged to send their organization's newsletter to be used as an example for the workshop.

In this workshop
Explore best practices for newsletter layout
Guidelines for content creation

We will also explore examples from local nonprofit organizations. If you would like us to use yours as an example please email it to

Target audience includes all involved with creating, contributing or directing email communications.
Presented by Adam McFarlin, ONEplace Associate
Registration is required due to limited space. Call 269-553-7910 for more information.

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