Code of Ethics

For Nonprofit Consultants and Trainers

1. Add Value

We conduct ourselves, and manage our projects and their results, in ways that add value for our clients, their constituents, and our communities.

2. Validated Practice

We make use of and promote best practices in nonprofit capacity building.

3. Collaboration

We listen to and work with our clients, functioning as trustworthy strategic partners; utilizing our skills to help them achieve their goals.

4. Continuous Improvement

We stay current with best practices in our chosen areas of nonprofit expertise, bringing to our constituents practices that respond to their unique needs.

5. Integrity

We are honest and truthful in our representations to clients, colleagues, and others with whom we come in contact. We accept only assignments for which we are qualified by experience and competence.

6. Uphold Confidentiality

We maintain client confidentiality during and after an assignment as agreed upon and detailed through a written contract.

7. Conflict of Interest

We investigate and are forthright about actual, potential, or perceived conflicts of interest with an assignment or organization and recuse ourselves when conflicts of interest exist.

8. Honor Contractual Agreements

We will agree on the scope/objectives, timeframe, and fees prior to accepting a assignment and agree upon any changes prior to acting upon them. Contractual relationships will be based on hourly or project fees, not percentages of grants or contributions, finder’s fees, or contingent fees.