Code of Ethics for Nonprofits

Working with Nonprofit Consultants, Coaches & Trainers

1. Pre-planning and Preparation

Before seeking a consultant/coach/trainer we determine what we want to accomplish and that adequate time, key people, and funds are committed to reaching desired outcomes.

We select consultants/coaches/trainers through an interview process that helps assure a good ‘fit’ of skills, expertise, personality, and commitment between the organization and the consultant/coach/trainer.

We check references and encourage potential consultants/coaches/trainers to check our references with others with whom we have previously worked.

Once a commitment has been made with a consultant/trainer, we courteously notify others who were involved in the selection process of our decision.

2. Respect Intellectual Property

We request proposals based on desired outcomes and honor the intellectual property rights of the consultants/coaches/trainers not selected to work with us by not using information included in their proposal with another consultant/coach/trainer.

3. Honor Contractual Agreements

We agree on the scope/objectives, timeframe, and fees prior to hiring the consultant/ coach/trainer and beginning work together. We agree upon any changes prior to acting upon them. Contractual relationships will be based on hourly or project fees, not percentages of grants or contributions, finder’s fees, or contingent fees.

4. Conflicts of Interest

We investigate and are forthright about actual, potential, or perceived conflicts of interest with a consultant/coach/trainer and our organization or other consultants/coaches/ trainers we engage.

5. Honest Engagement

We trust the consultants/coaches/trainers we hire with candid, accurate, thorough information in order to advance the outcomes of our work together, knowing the value and quality of outcomes depend on the quality of inputs.

6. Collaboration

We listen to and work with our consultants/coaches/and trainers, functioning as trustworthy strategic partners; working with them to achieve our goals.

7. Respect

We honor the work we do together by maintaining open, timely communication and completing internal work on the agreed upon schedule. We complete our business obligations with our consultants/coaches/and trainers as agreed in our contract.

8. Uphold Confidentiality

We (staff, board, volunteers) maintain confidentiality during and after an assignment as agreed upon and detailed through a written contract.