Can Social Media Really Support Your Mission?

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Is your nonprofit using social media tools like Facebook and Twitter to draw attention to your organization, mission, programs, and services? To reach out to your target audiences: clients, donors, volunteers, potential employees? Do you advocate for your cause using social media tools?

Or, are you still wondering what the return on investment may really be? How much staff time it will consume? If it’s the best use of your limited resources? And, what would you ‘say,’ anyway?

Case Foundation has scheduled online ‘chats with experts’ that may help. You can write in your specific questions as well as learn from questions others submit. The Ask the Guru sessions are part of their Gear up for Giving series (the schedule is located on their website).

Do you use social media in your nonprofit? If so, what and how do you put it to work for you? How do you communicate? How much time does it take to keep it active and interactive? These questions came up in a recent ONEplace Roundtable of PR and Marketing. Write back and share your experiences.


Gear Up For Giving

Posted by Bobbe Luce at 09/08/2009 02:12:39 PM | 

No doubt media still plays an important role in delivering news, as well as what we share in our blogs and social networks. But now blogs and social networks are their own news sources. Institutions no longer manage information because much of user-generated content is popular, credible and instant.
Posted by: internet marketing secret ( Email ) at 5/14/2011 3:00 AM

I think, the social media cam be very effective to to draw attention to your organization. But the basic is the regular and daily communications with fans and posting interesting information about mission, organization or events, news and so on. It is very important to attract people, who are interested about your organisation. It can be very useful to promote your Facebook page on your website.
Posted by: SEO ( Email ) at 12/21/2011 5:23 PM

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