Getting started on LinkedIn

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Why you should get on LinkedIn  
  • 70 million global users  
  • 86,000 in Kalamazoo area
  • Increase professional connections with peers
  • Join groups to get ideas and stay up to date
  • Find new board members with specific skills

10 Steps to a Great Start

Update your profile:

  • Upload professional picture: Other users need to see a picture to make sure they are connecting with the right person.
  • Professional headline: Located just under your name, this is the main way users know what you do.
  • Location & Industry: These two items under your name are how people find you
  • Contact information: Make sure you list professional contact information. Link to personal blog/website is okay
  • Experience: List your past and current positions with summary of what you did there. Once this is complete send message to specific people asking for recommendations (return the favor).

Update your settings:

  • Set how frequently you would like to receive emails: This is so you don’t get annoyed by emails from LinkedIn
  • Set whether people can see your picture or not if they aren’t a connection: This is for your own privacy

Join groups:

  • Search for groups: Go to the search bar and select “Groups” from the drop down and then type in your search terms. Example: “nonprofit housing,” “volunteer management,” or “Kalamazoo nonprofit.”
  • Find people that are similar to you in profession: Most people list the groups they are involved with on their profile. Go to their groups and join them.
  • Set email frequency for each group: If you don’t change this you will get on email every single day from each group you are a part of.